Our relationships with clients, partners and employees are fair and open. We apply the same principles to our recruitment process. All new recruits undergo the same recruitment process; those who successfully complete it receive an employment contract and participate in a six-month Onboarding Process in an international environment.

We take great care in each of the individual steps of our selection process… and we expect the same from you.

It is important for us to find people who can identify with the group and know what it’s like to work for ProCredit. Please refer to the sections “About us”, “Working with us” and “Our approach to staff" before deciding to apply. Our requirements: Graduates and professionals with experience (not necessarily in banking!) All academic backgrounds, e.g. economics, engineering, social sciences, humanities Good command of English

Phase 1 of our selection process
Completing and submitting a CV using our online application form

The application gives us a first impression of your experience and skills. In order to make an objective assessment of your application, all sections need to be completed carefully and clearly. The online application form must be completed in English. Applications submitted via any other channel will not be taken into consideration.

Completing and submitting a motivation letter

A very important part of the online application process is the motivation letter. This is your opportunity to convince us that you would really like to be a part of the ProCredit team.

  • Tell us about yourself and your interests.
  • Explain why you want to work with us and share your expectations of the bank as an employer.
  • Tell us what it is about ProCredit Bank and ProCredit Holding that aroused your interest.

The motivation letter must be written in English. To enable us to assess your application accurately, it is very important that you do not: use clichés, send sample motivation letters or copy and paste information from the ProCredit Bank and ProCredit Holding websites.

Telephone conversation

After screening all applications, the most suitable candidates will be contacted by a member of our HR team for a 20-minute telephone conversation.

The telephone conversation gives you the chance to introduce yourself and helps us to find out more about your education, experience and reasons for applying.

Phase 2 of our selection process
Maths and Logic test

As mathematics and Logic play an important role in our daily activities, we will invite you to take a test which takes place in Head Office. In order to refresh your knowledge, we provide you with Sample Maths and Logic tests:

We advise you to dedicate time to preparation, as this will help you to successfully complete this stage of the selection process.

Group discussion

While technical skills are obviously necessary, they are not the only criteria for selection. More importantly, we seek candidates whose personal values and commitment are in line with our way of doing business. Group discussions allow us to assess your ability to work in teams, your communication skills and your capacity to formulate, express and defend your opinion. This step of the process consists of a general discussion/debate on various topics in English. Specific knowledge is not necessary.

Individual interview

The individual interview provides an opportunity for us to get to know you better and to discuss our mutual expectations. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. All stages of the selection process from the Maths and Logic test up to this moment are carried out at our Head Office. If you are traveling from other cities, transport and accommodation costs (if needed) will be reimbursed.

Focus session

The last step in the recruitment process is the two-week workshop in one of our training centres with applicants selected after the individual interview stage. The objective of this focus session is for ProCredit and the applicants to become a better acquainted with each other. You will have the opportunity to engage in different discussions, to disagree, to draw independent conclusions and to question your own way of thinking. This experience will help you decide whether or not to make a long-term commitment to ProCredit Bank.

Upon successful completion of these seven steps, applicants will be offered an employment contract and will commence with the Onboarding Process.

Phase 3 of our selection process
ProCredit Onboarding Process

Introduction phase

Successful completion of the recruitment process culminates in an employment offer and introduction through the onboarding process. This is an intensive theoretical and practical training course that lasts for six months. In an international environment, the new employees focus on various topics related to:

  • Banking and finance;
  • Society and Environment;
  • The ProCredit business model.

This process shows you what exactly working for ProCredit means, providing a look at the challenges that are part of our everyday job. It is dynamic and demanding, but also very fulfilling. It is about working in teams, preparing projects and presentations, exploring and debating concepts, critically assessing stereotypes, and adapting to cultural and social differences in an international environment.

Technical parameters:

  • Curriculum/Timeframe: The time is split between theoretical and practical training for a total of six months.
  • Location: The ProCredit Onboarding Process consists of two parts. The first part of the process, is a training module that is theoretical in nature, that will take place at the training centre in Avala, Serbia. The second part consists of practical on-the-job training for new employees in the bank at which they were hired, under mentorship of experienced colleagues. Attendance is mandatory for the entire six-month period.
  • Begining: 23.09.2019
  • Accommodation/food: Accommodations in the different cities where the practical and theoretical blocks are held will be covered by the bank.
  • Transportation: All transportation costs over the course of the Programme will also be covered by the bank.
  • Employment contract: As a new employee, each participant is offered an employment contract and receives a fair monthly salary in accordance with the group-wide salary structure.
  • Language: The theoretical training will be held in English.